Construction Law — Advice, Guidance And Advocacy

Construction law encompasses a great many facets, including financial, legal and practical issues. Legal counsel through all phases of a construction project or dispute is as essential as the assistance of a financial institution. Our San Jose law firm welcomes your inquiry if you are embarking on a construction-related venture or seeking solutions to problems from a legal angle.

Illuminating The Big Picture

Clayton & McEvoy P.C. counsels and advises landowners, contractors and developers regarding purchase contracts, owner participation agreements and exclusive negotiation agreements. Our attorneys see to it that our clients understand real estate purchase contracts and other agreements before they sign. We help uncover and explain defects and obstacles that can turn a good deal into a bad one.

Addressing The Nitty-Gritty Of Construction Law

Clients involved in construction ventures in any capacity turn to us for advice on disposition and development agreements. We advise on “build-out” arrangements, annexation and preannexation agreements.

Contacts — Disputes — Licensing

Our California lawyers help clients conceive, draft, negotiate, revise and properly sign construction contracts and subcontractor agreements. We are available to help resolve construction disputes through negotiations, litigation and alternative dispute resolution methods. We advise on contractor licensing, mechanic’s liens and stop notices. We assist with legal issues related to bonds, claims and insurance.

Contact Our San Jose Construction Law Firm

Clayton & McEvoy P.C. brings a wealth of the knowledge to the table in any construction law matters. Put our experience and skills on your side by calling 408-293-9100 or sending an email inquiry. Request a consultation with a well-recognized attorney.