Managing A Full Array Of Civil Litigation

Preventing disagreements through well-crafted contracts is the most cost-effective way to do business or conduct real estate transactions. Sometimes, however, best intentions go awry and one or both sides of a transaction have much to lose until a disagreement is resolved.

Clayton & McEvoy P.C. attorneys represent clients in civil litigation in all matters in which they advise, counsel, draft, structure or implement agreements, or respond to disputes. Virtually any legal issue can lead to disputes and litigation; for example:

Business litigation: Partnership disputes, stockholder disputes, employment-related conflicts and breach of contract matters are all familiar at Clayton & McEvoy P.C.

Real estate disputes: Breach of contract in purchase and sale transactions, commercial landlord-tenant disputes, land use entitlement and litigation, eminent domain, disputes over compliance with zoning ordinances, and finance-related conflicts are examples of real estate litigation that we handle.

Construction disputes: Change orders, contractor liability, construction delays, construction defects, mechanic’s liens and more.

Probate litigation: Disputes among executors, beneficiaries or heirs, and/or creditors.

Quite a few California law firms claim to represent clients in litigation but rarely take a case to trial. At Clayton & McEvoy P.C. in San Jose, our lawyers have proven themselves to be effective in court and out, as well as in alternative disputes resolution (ADR) settings. Our goal in every case is to protect our clients’ rights and best interests while keeping legal fees under control and appropriate to the overall value of a case.

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