Employment And Labor Law Practice In San Jose

Clayton & McEvoy P.C. represents clients in all aspects of labor and employment mediation, arbitration, litigation, counseling and administrative proceedings. We assist employers in creating employment handbooks and personnel policies. We draft, review and revise employment and compensation agreements.

Terminations, Discrimination And Harassment Claims

Employers turn to us for help responding to discrimination and harassment claims, including claims of retaliation. Our firm helps business owners with issues including employee counseling, discipline and dismissal. We help employers plan and carry out terminations while minimizing the risk of wrongful termination litigation. When disputes arise related to layoffs or demotions, we represent employers through all phases of a controversy, including administrative proceedings and trials as needed.

Unfair Competition Claims — Protection Of Intellectual Property And Trade Secrets

Our firm represents businesses as plaintiffs or defendants in unfair competition claims, including employee raiding and customer solicitation cases and allegations of misappropriation of trade secrets.

Contact A California Employment Attorney — Typically Representing Employers

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