Achieving Mergers And Acquisitions To Maximum Benefit

Merging businesses and acquiring of one business by another are time-honored ways to grow profit while streamlining investment. The decision to merge two businesses into one or for one business to acquire another comes with significant, heavyweight considerations. Fact-finding, market analysis and a review of any legal impediments are all important. In this area of business law, there are no shortcuts — but there are better ways to accomplish a goal of merging businesses or acquiring a business. Our job at Clayton & McEvoy P.C. is to clarify and take our clients through advantageous paths to success.

Our Capabilities

Our California attorneys are well-prepared to help you brainstorm, commit to and carry out mergers and acquisitions as seamlessly as possible. We have the experienced and knowledge to guide you through all stages and phases of your merger or acquisition.

Our Litigation Practice

Clayton & McEvoy P.C. in San Jose represents clients in a variety of merger and acquisition structures including tax-free stock transactions, taxable transactions, leveraged acquisitions and management buy-outs.

Operations And Planning

Our attorneys advise clients on operational issues pertaining to mergers and acquisitions, including labor and employment matters, pensions issues, environmental issues, real estate issues and tax planning.

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