Keys To Effective Representation In Business Litigation

At Clayton & McEvoy P.C., in San Jose, we consider business litigation successful when we have done all we can to advance a client’s standing and the client is fully aware of this dedication. “Winning” at litigation takes many forms and may mean:

  • As a plaintiff, recovering damages after another party had defrauded or caused harm
  • As a defendant, walking away without paying unjustifiable claims
  • As a would-be litigant, resolving a dispute through mediation or arbitration instead
  • Avoiding or mitigating losses brought about by a legal dispute, to the greatest degree possible

Losing, on the other hand, usually means poor preparation and lackluster representation. That is not the way of Clayton & McEvoy P.C. Advocacy for our clients means full commitment to achieving the best attainable outcome for each one.

We litigate disputes involving contracts, corporate and partnership law, dissolutions and liquidations. We represent plaintiffs and defendants in employment disputes, asset acquisitions, collection matters and environmental concerns.

Areas of dispute may include:

  • Partnership and shareholder disputes in matters pertaining to business formation, growth or organization
  • Disagreements regarding terms or implementation of merger and acquisition plans
  • Breach of contract allegations between buyers and sellers of goods and services
  • Employment-related disputes over noncompete agreements, benefits, commissions, bonuses and compensation of ordinary employees or CEOs

Our representation in disputes may involve out-of-court settlement negotiations or representation before a judge and jury in a courtroom. Alternative dispute resolution — usually mitigation or arbitration — is another path to dispute resolution that benefits many of our clients.

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